Freedom to create. Freedom to think. Freedom to speak. Freedom is everyone's God given right. We so often take it for granted. All opinions have value and shall not be shouted or burned down.

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Ivecta is a member site art and ideas collective. We try to make the world a more hopeful, free and interesting place.

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Feel free to explore our members' sites. All art can be purchased in our "Merch" site emblazened upon a shirt. Your support is greatly appreciated.

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Member Posts

Pizza with the kids.

2020-07-31 05:07:28.0
Mr Xty

Took the kids to Daiso and get pizza. Chris only ate half like usual. Kin and Marie went shopping. Our dear friend is very ill. We are praying for his recovery.

Late night coding

2020-07-31 05:09:16.0
Mr Xty

Added blogging to the Ivecta application. I will add time and date tomorrow.

Chris is a gamer

2020-07-31 05:20:37.0
Mr Xty

My son Chris is watching as I add this blog. He plays way too much Roblox everyday.

New Design

2020-08-07 04:00:35.0
Mr Xty

Another late night working on the website. It is starting to look a lot better. Using Bootstrap and now just have to flesh out the pages.

My son is insane

2020-08-07 04:14:24.0
Mr Xty

Christopher is here bothering his poor old father. And he is messing with my fan.