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How to paint The Tick

2021-04-11 04:10:02 AM
Mr X

A short video on how to paint The Tick. Enjoy.

Telepathy - Interesting video

2021-04-11 02:47:12 AM
Mr X

Technology is moving so fast that reading somebody's mind may be a reality. God help us.

Some more dogs

2021-04-10 05:17:37 PM
Mr X

Big dogs

Just added my friend to the site

2021-04-10 05:15:20 PM
Mr X

Added Ted to the site.

Update the old Ivecta

2021-03-27 07:00:23 PM
Mr X

Decided to get up this morning and work on Ivecta. It has been a while but I have a lot of idea to improve the site.


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