Freedom to create. Freedom to think. Freedom to speak. Freedom is everyone's God given right. We so often take it for granted. All opinions have value and shall not be shouted or burned down.

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Ivecta is a member site art and ideas collective. We try to make the world a more hopeful, free and interesting place.

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Feel free to explore our members' sites. All art can be purchased in our "Merch" site emblazened upon a shirt. Your support is greatly appreciated.

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Member Posts

Test scheduled

2020-10-08 20:16:58.0
Mr X

I have scheduled my Azure test. Wish me luck.

Coding and studying

2020-09-28 03:38:42.0
Mr X

I have been coding and studying Azure. I have to take the fundamentals test.

More code

2020-09-24 12:51:44.0
Mr X

Woke up early to finish coding on the website. Think I will take a nap before I start work for the day.

It has been a long day

2020-09-18 03:16:27.0
Mr X

I had a very long day. My son is still not getting all his work in at school. He is smart but seems too enamored with games and videos. This lockdown is starting to drive me, and everyone else for that matter, crazy. They need to open up immediately and let people out of their prison cells. I thought this was America.

Up early again today

2020-09-14 11:20:08.0
Mr X

I am up early working on code and designing shirts. Hopefully someday this will all pay off.